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Stringing Services

When you drop off your racquet(s), please let me know your desired tension and I will string them with the appropriate strings I have in stock. If you are unsure of what strings and/or what tension you require, I can certainly help make the most appropriate decision for you. If you provide your own strings, then I will just charge you my labour charge of $15 for tennis/squash and $20 for badminton. If you want to install a grip, I will do that as part of the service, if you provide me with your grip of choice. 

You have the option of racquet pick-up and delivery, with an extra charge of $6. All pickups must be within a 5 km radius of the Bayview and York Mills junction. 

You can make your order by emailing me, texting, or ordering online. All payments can be made in cash or e-transfer upon completion. 

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