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If you are looking for a profesional racquet stringing service in North Toronto, you have come to the right place. 

Hello, my name is Ollie. I've been stringing professionally for 2 years. I've strung thousands of racquets, replaced thousands of overgrips, and hundreds of bumperguards. 

I'm a tennis, badminton and squash player. I play out of the Toronto Cricket Club.

Click on the SERVICES menu to view the services offered and costs. Then you can order online or just call or text me. 


Racquet Stringing

Please indicate what tension you require.  If you are unsure, I will select the appropriate tension for you. 

If you require special strings beyond, what I offer as stock strings, please bring them in and I will just charge for labour.

Grips and Grommets

I don't stock grommet sets, but I can install them if you prvide them.


You can call or text me to arrange a drop off. If you require pick up and drop of service, I can do that for an additional charge if you are within 5 km of the Bayview and York Mills Junction.

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